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Tuesday, 16 May 23

Time for an Update

It is time for an update!!!  I feel like my job has swallowed me whole!  I have been working a lot of overtime lately which leaves me with even less time and less energy to do things outside of work.  I have had a health concern for about 4 or more years that I believe I may have found a solution for.  I only just started so I don't want to say that it's working just yet.  I want to give it some more time before I tell you more about what I'm doing.

Anywho...let's talk about something that's been happening recently.  A couple of very old friends of mine that I knew back when I was living with my foster parents, reached out to me recently.  They started a podcast and they wanted to interview me about my experience living with my foster parents.  I have been shying away from revealing the identity of my foster parents due to their popularity and the fear of opening myself up to the wrath of those who put my foster parents on a pedestal.  They are fundamental/evangelical Christians so you can probably understand my hesitation.  However, I have done a lot of healing in this area and I feel my friends contacting me was a message that it's time to share my experiences.  

This new chapter in my life could open the door to the wrath of these radicalized individuals but I believe there are many that experienced emotional harm from their time living in the ministry my foster parents created and they need to hear from me, and others, that their experiences were real, were harmful, and it wasn't their fault.  I can also share how I have healed myself and hopefully, they will make strides in healing themselves as well.

Check out my friends' podcast at  I recently did an interview with them about my experiences and you can listen to it at the link above.  It hasn't been published just yet but it will be soon.  In the meantime listen to my friends, Sharon and Tracy, share their thoughts and experiences.

I will also be sharing more about these experiences on my YouTube channel so check it out if you are so inclined.