About Us

Aurora Dawn was created because I wanted to offer my experience, education, and skill to people who are struggling on their spiritual journey.  I wanted to help others overcome self-limiting beliefs and overcome the fears that hold them back from manifesting the life they really want to live.  Many of us struggle because we believe our fears are real on a subconscious level.  The belief system put in place when we are just babies control our behavior on a subconscious level so we aren't always aware of why we behave and respond the way we do to various situations.  It is important to keep in mind that this is a survival mechanism designed to keep you safe in the world but much of these beliefs are based on illogical and largely irrelevant information.  Some of them may have been necessary to survive life in the family such as how to stay safe when dad came home drunk.  However, as an adult, dad isn't around anymore but we are still reacting as if he is.

Many people call this shadow work based on Dr. Carl Jung's research in analytical psychology.  Aurora Dawn's course A Witch's Guide to Self-Mastery is largely based on the idea that our shadow, or subconscious, holds many secrets to understanding why we behave and feel the way we do.  Once these things in our shadow are brought to light, much of the struggle to be in control of our responses is dramatically easier.

Aurora Dawn is designed to assist individuals wanting to heal their issues with self-image, self-love, self-confidence,  and all things that prevent healthy relationships, the ability to develop an enjoyable career, attain good physical and spiritual health, as well as create financial well-being.  Aurora Dawn provides the tools, guidance, and support necessary for every witch to be successful in creating a life of joy.

About Dawn

I was certified as a Spiritual Life Coach in 2007 by Holistic Learning Centers.  I have dedicated my time and energy to reaching out to those who are passionate about overcoming their shortcomings and developing into a loving, compassionate, and joyful individual.  I know how painful life can be especially when you're afraid of failure or success or both.  I have experienced my share of pain through living with foster parents and later with an abusive spouse. I have had to heal many years of pain and trauma which has helped me become an expert in helping others do the same.