Tuesday, 16 May 23

Time for an Update

It is time for an update!!!  I feel like my job has swallowed me whole!  I have been working a lot of overtime lately which leaves me with even less time and less energy to do things outside of work.  I have had a health concern for about 4 or more years that I believe I may have found a solution for.  I only just started so I don't want to say that it's working just yet.  I want to give it some more time before I tell you more about what I'm doing.

Thursday, 8 Dec 2022

Starting Something New

IT IS TIME!  I have decided it is time to get my "show on the road."  The struggle is real and I have been feeling it for many years now.  I am so thankful that I have a decent-paying job to pay my bills while I figure out how to put Aurora Dawn online.