8 December 2022 Starting Something New

Thursday, 8 December 2022

Starting Something New

IT IS TIME!  I have decided it is time to get my "show on the road."  The struggle is real and I have been feeling it for many years now.  I am so thankful that I have a decent-paying job to pay my bills while I figure out how to put Aurora Dawn online.  Moving my business to the internet has been a challenging one mostly because I have been dealing with personal issues like not being very organized, procrastinating, and dealing with low dopamine issues.  I feel I have made some major breakthroughs and now I am ready to make a serious effort.  

So first things first. I would really like to offer a class creating spells based on science-based evidence for sending intention. OK...I know that sounds weird but I'm a big science nerd and I love when science proves that what our ancestors have taught us about magick is real.  I have found actual real live scientists who have done experiments using the scientific method to prove we can effect change through our intentions. If this is true, how more powerful can we make our spells using the results of these experiments?